The Portuguese explorers who landed in the country in 1471 named it the Gold Coast. English, Danish, Dutch and Germans built their forts (castles )here to reap the abundant riches. In the 17th century, Frederick William, the Great Elector of Brandenburg, built a fort called Taccarary which later became known as Takoradi. Visitors can observe a window into the natural world of Ghana at the Monkey Hill nature preserve located in the heart of the city. Further afield join us as we look back at the tragic history of the Atlantic slave trade at Elmina Castle, the earliest known European structure in the tropics; built in 1482 by the Portuguese. Wander the ramparts of Cape Coast Castle and view villagers mending fishing nets and setting out to sea in painted fishing canoes. Explore one of the Ghana’s last remaining tropical forests at Kakum National Park and walk through the verdant canopy.

Porto: Sekondi-Takoradi


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